Adventure category on this portal is always in top 3 most popular category. By definition, Adventure category is characterized by investigation, exploration, puzzle-solving, interaction with game characters, and a focus on narrative rather than reflex-based challenges. We have games that require users attention to details as well as little forward planning. Most of the games in the category require excellent hand eye coordination. So this category will be liked by more kids and little expert users. Each game has multiple levels and thus increasing the complexity. For example. “Banana Jungle" requires user to collect and avoid colliding with mushrooms. Initially there is fait bit of distance between bananas and mushrooms but as game progresses they come frequently and are closer. So it requires fair bit of skill to collect one and avoid obstacle. Another popular game in adventure category on this portal is <a href="" title="Santa Chimney Challenge">“Santa Chimney Challenge"</a>. This is popular among kids. In this game, santa Claus and his carriage pulled by reindeers need to traverse the air without hitting the chimney. This requires advanced anticipation to avoid oncoming chimney. This game has three hearts as health. You lose half a heart when you hit a chimney. <a href="" title="Oil Hunt">Oil Hunt</a> is another very engrossing game in Adventure Category on this portal. This is a game of judgement The objective of the game is to find the oil and create a tube of optimum length to extract the oil. If the tube will be too short, you won’t reach the oil, if it’ll be too long, you will suck up ground again. Try to earn the highest score you can. There are other interesting games in Adventure category on this portal like <a href="" title="Cross the Bridge">‘Cross the Bridge’</a>, <a href="" title="Pet Hop">‘Pet Hop’</a>, <a href="" title="Rise Higher">Rise Higher</a>, <a href="" title="Super Jump">Super Jump</a> and many more.

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Oil Hunt


Highly addictive oil hunting game. Over 10 million downloads worldwide.

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Super Jump


Jump over rooftops

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Cross The Bridge


Help the robot cross the bridge

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Underground Escape


Rescue underground prisoners, collect coins, avoid the giant drill

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Jumpee Land


Jump to the next platform

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Banana Jungle


Collect bananas, avoid obstacles. Explore the Jungle!

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Spiral Stairs


Climb a spiral staircase

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Santa Chimney Challenge


Avoid all chimneys with Santa