Action Games are the most popular category on this portal. It’s popular among different age groups and proficiency level. Action games generally requires hand–eye coordination, quick reaction reaction-time and calculation. There are many popular games from this category in most played list. For example, “Bill The Bowman" <link> is popular among the our senior users as well as kids. This requires immaculate timing as well as targeting. The objective of the game is to help Bill show of his archery skill by shooting arrows on the fruit kept on volunteers head. The aim has to be precise otherwise someone will get shot. There are fire arrows as well as extra points for hitting the center of the fruit. Keep shooting and enjoy. Another popular game is <a href="" title="Boat Dash">boat dash</a> in Action category on this portal. The objective of the game is to steer the boat through the water and smash the boxes, drums, wheels placed on the way and avoid striking the rock else you end your life. It’s a one finger game easy game but hard to clear the higher level. <a href="" title="Shark Attack">Shark Attack </a> is hard core action game which requires hard eye movement and quick decision as there are multiple factors at play. Objective of the game is to eat every thing that moves –fish, birds, humans and destroy all human ship and make them sink. And stay away from jelly fish. It’s a very interesting and engrossing game. There are few other very interesting game on this portal under Action tab like <a href="" title="Baby Cow Launcher">“Baby cow launcher"</a>, <a href="" title="Flip The Knife">“Flip The Knife" </a>, <a href="" title="Jetpack Blast">“Jetpack Blast"</a>, <a href="" title="Rabiit Zombia Defence">Rabiit Zombia Defence</a> and many more.

Game Icon

Shark Attack


Live the life of a hungry shark

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Baby Cow Launcher


Stop the greedy farmers. Launch baby cows!

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New Team Kaboom


Blast enemies with cool weapons

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MadBox Zombies - Toaster


Launch Pero, the cute zombie from a toaster. Grab all the food!

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Spore Hunter


Defend your spaceship against pesky space spores

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Boat Dash


Ride your boat and avoid obstacles

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Candy Timbermen


Chop away at delicious candy

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Muay Thai Training


Kick and punch banana tree

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Flappy Lamp


Play as a magic lamp. Flap your way through the palace guards!

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Jetpack Blast


Fly a jetpack through the gates

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Bill The Bowman


Aim and shoot arrows at fruits

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Bob and Chainsaw


A fast paced lumberjack game

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Flip The Knife


Train your knife flipping skills

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Flappy Super Kitty


Flap your way through space, with a superhero cat

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Leave Me Alone


Dont let the zombies touch you!