Strategy category games as the name suggests requires careful planning and skillful resource management in order to achieve victory. It emphasizes strategic, tactical, and sometimes logistical challenges.Classified as thinking or brainy games, these products are targeted at teens and a more mature audience. Let's take <a href="" title="Block Wood Puzzle">Block Wood Puzzle</a> game on this portal to understand this genre better. The aim of the game is to arrange the blocks in such a way to complete the line horizontal or vertical so that it disappears completely. It sounds easy but the challenge is in the sequencing and arranging the blocks. A user gets 3 blocks of different shapes and sizes at a time and one has to keep the blocks in the grid in such a way that they don’t occupy unnecessary space and are right fit for the next 3 blocks. It's fun, addictive and it emotionally recharges and reduces stress.

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Defend The Beach


Fight an entire army of invaders

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2048 Dragon Island


Match 2 or more dragons, evolve them to the highest level

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Connect The Gems


Connect and earn points with gems.

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Candy Jam


Match candy to win

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Rotate the piece to fit

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Block Wood Puzzle


Drag and drop wooden blocks